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Our alumni network spreads across the country. Some are pursuing a J.D. degree at top law schools. Some are doing legal work in law firms and big corporate firms. Some even work outside of the legal field. No matter what your interest and future path may be, you can always find someone as your mentor.



SAN took me in as a clueless freshman and gave me a community where I felt accepted. It's a unique org on this huge campus with members that achieve amazing things. It's easy to have a voice in SAN and learn from people with diverse backgrounds. SAN has definitely been one of the most memorable parts of my college experience!

                Jasmine Hsu                           

Tau Class   •   Legal Analyst at Dropbox

Pictured is SAN alumni Wooseok.

Joining SAN further strengthened my interest in law when I was feeling unsure about my career path. Upon being surrounded by like-minded, passionate individuals and having to research the various branches of the legal profession, I was sure by the end of the pledge semester that I made the right choice. In addition, SAN fosters a sense of family and community even before career goals, LSAT, and law school apps which I believe should be a priority.

Sigma Class   •   J.D Candidate at University of Pennsylvania Law School                

Wooseok Ki          

Pictured is SAN alumni Manalee.

Manalee Ziai

Pi Class

Luxury Real Estate Agent in
Los Angles

Pictured is SAN alumni Jeanne.

Jeanne Lee

Pi Class

Project Manager for
Edwards Life Sciences in R&D/
New Product Development

Pictured is SAN alumni Sam.

Sam Grone

Xi Class

Finance Department of U-M

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