Rush Requirements

Attend at least 2 of the 4 events

  •  Meet the Chapter

    • Tuesday Jan. 28, 8-9 pm @ Dwinelle 229

  • Legal Night

    • Thursday Jan. 30, 7-8 pm @ Princeton Review Office, 2505 Channing Way​

  • Professional Night

    • Monday Feb. 3, 8-9 pm @ Dwinelle 229​

  • Social Night (invite only)

    • Wednesday Feb. 5, evening @ TBA​ 


3 mandatory rounds

  • Coffee Chat (informal individual)

    • Tuesday Jan. 28 - Wednesday Feb. 5​

    • Signup @

  • Group Interview (formal)

    • Thursday Feb. 6 - Friday Feb. 7, evening​

    • Signup @

    • Deadline: Wednesday, Feb. 5

  • Individual Interview

    • Saturday Feb. 8, afternoon​

Applications due

Wed Feb. 5 @ 11:59 pm

Mon Feb 3
Professional Night

Location: Dwinelle 229

Time: 8 - 9pm 

Attend our legal speaker panel and drop off your resume for feedback.

Dress code: Business Professional

Sept 10
Sept 14
Wed Feb 5
Application Due

  Time: Due 11:59pm 

Submit your completed application on the link below.

Make sure to have conducted an informal and formal group interview by Wed 2/5. 

Dress Code: Campus Casual

Thur Feb 6 - Fri Feb 7
Group Interview

Location: TBA

Time: Thur - Fri Evening

Group interviews are a chance for us to assess your logical reasoning, argumentative skills, and teamwork capabilities.

Dress code: Business Professional

Legal Night 
Aug 22-31
Thur Jan 30

Location: Princeton Review Office

               2505 Channing Way

Time: 7-8pm 

Come for a LSAT presentation and seminar with our partner, The Princeton Review

Dress code: Business Professional 

Social Night
Wed Feb 5

*Invite Only* 

Location: TBA

Time: Evening

Get to know our members in a more casual setting and get a taste of SAN's social scene!

Dress Code: Campus Casual

Sat Feb 8
Individual Formal Interview

*Open Interviews*

Location: TBA

Time: Sat Afternoon

We want to know you more in a more individual setting. We will be discussing your resume and your application more in-depth.

Dress code: Business Professional

Spring 2020 Rush

Jan 29
Meet The Chapter
Tues Jan 28

Location: Dwinelle 229

Time: 8 - 9pm 

Come to our first infosession to learn more about SAN and get to know our active members!

Dress code: Campus Casual

Jan 23- Feb 5
Sproul Tabling
Tues Jan 21 - Mon Feb 3

Location: Sproul 

Time: 8am - 2pm 

Drop by our table on Sproul to hang out and talk to us about our professional training, culture, and experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions
What materials do I need for my application to join SAN?

You will need your resume, your transcript, and your answer to the essay questions. Please make sure to submit your application on this link before 4 pm 9/13. Any late applications will not be considered.

What are the requirements to be considered as a candidate?

Attend at least 2 out of the 4 rush events.

Submit the application before the deadline.

Conduct both the informal and formal interview.

Do I have to be pre-law?

No! Our members are comprised of intelligent individuals interested in a wide range of careers, including business, environmental science, politics, engineering, media, education, and a variety of other non-legal professions.

What will I gain from joining SAN?

You will gain a variety of professional and leadership skills; here is a list of just a few of them:

- Public Speaking

- Mock Trial/Debates

- Job/Internship Interview Technique and Etiquette 

- Critical/Analytical Thinking

- Basic Law School Knowledge

- Team Management

- Leadership Skills

- Effective Oral/Written Communication

- Organization Skills

- Time Management 

- Professional/Social Networking Skills 

I am worried about the time commitment. How can I manage my time during the pledging period?

You are not alone! Part of your first semester at SAN is built to help you become better at time management, which is a valuable skill to have in both your academic and professional life. Although the pledging process is meant to challenge you, the entire active body of SAN will be a supporting network that will guide you through these challenges. 


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