Mission Statement

Founded here at Cal in 2005, SAN has done nothing but strive for professionalism, excellence, and knowledge of the law since. These core values of SAN have guided our members down diverse and prosperous career paths, including law, finance, journalism, and public policy. Our alumni have held positions at Bain & Co., Ernst & Young, and Fenwick & West, and have attended law schools at Harvard, Stanford, and NYU. You too can grasp the tools for success under our direction and support network


Being the smallest pre-law fraternity on campus, we pride ourselves on the close-knit community we offer our members. As a member, you will have the opportunity to polish your resume, improve your public speaking skills, and develop a network of connections with fellow members and alumni. You will also gain more substantive knowledge about the legal field through the debates, mock trials and legal panels we hold. If you are looking for a group of people who not only share the same amount of curiosity and passion you have for law, but also one that you can proudly call family, look no further. 

What you will do 

During your pledging period in Sigma Alpha Nu, you will learn a variety of career and life skill sets including, but not limited to: professionalism, leadership, and time management. You will learn to polish your basic professional skills, such as interviewing and public speaking in a way that allows your unique voice to shine. You will also be granted the opportunity to learn legal specific skills, such as conducting mock trials and effectively communicating your viewpoints in a debate. Throughout this process, you also get a glimpse of our fraternal bond as we grow together as a family. Additionally, you will get to host and participate in many professional events, such as legal speakers or LSAT workshops while also enjoying social events, such as our Big-Little Reveal and alumni socials. Ultimately, the pledging period is intended for your growth- as our newest family member, a professional, and an individual.

A Message From the President

Sigma Alpha Nu Co-Ed Pre-Law Fraternity was founded here at Cal in 2005 with the mission of creating a professional community for students passionate about law. We are guided by the values represented by the greek letters sigma, alpha, and nu. Sigma for professionalism and excellence, Alpha for commitment, and Nu for knowledge and law.


These core principles have guided our members down diverse and prosperous career paths - our alumni have held positions at Bain & Co., Ernst & Young, and Fenwick & West, and have attended Harvard, Stanford, USC, and NYU to name a few. You too will gain the knowledge, experience, and community that set you up for success when you join SAN. What makes SAN so unique is the family we have built. SAN does not only offer the appropriate tools to build professional skills and prepare you for law school, but we also offer life-long friendships. If you are looking to find a community while gaining knowledge of the law, join our pre-law family!


Haley Fortuna

President, Sigma Alpha Nu